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The lack of Engineering graduates is in direct collision with companies’ drive to automate.  This is creating one of the most competitive markets for all engineering talent ever.  The declining number of entry-level staff is not going away.  Companies are going to continue to invest in automation and engineering talent is critical to this investment.  Engineering is in the very DNA of the Herring Group.  The Herring Group’s ability to screen for soft skills necessary to execute in today’s culture and the technical skills to handle the complexity in today’s environment; is critical for your success in finding the right engineering talent. 

We’ll solve the problems that face your leadership team.  The only way a small firm lasts for 40 years in this space is by providing exceptional value and results.  Our methodology is simple.  We listen and communicate exceptionally well.  We use modern tools to provide old-time solutions.  We listen to you to determine and understand your requirements, we do our homework, carefully review candidates, and present outstanding finalists to you for selection.  Our goal will always be to present for your selection three qualified candidates with diverse backgrounds and experience that can work effectively in your company’s unique cultural environment.