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Finding the right technology talent is a problem in virtually every company.  The shortages of skilled talent and the ever-changing technology needs are just the beginning.  CIOs come to us because their internal teams do not understand the technology they are hiring for.  This reduces them to just being able to read what someone types on a resume.  Our teams work hard to understand the technology.  This lets us screen for real skill at the execution level not just leaving that work up to a hiring manager.  That moves The Herring Group from just passing resumes on, to a valued partner.  If you try us one time in this area, you will never call another recruiter.  The Herring Group finds leaders and saves you money. 

We’ll solve the problems that face your leadership team.  The only way a small firm lasts for 40 years in this space is by providing exceptional value and results.  Our methodology is simple.  We listen and communicate exceptionally well.  We use modern tools to provide old-time solutions.  We listen to you to determine and understand your requirements, we do our homework, carefully review candidates, and present outstanding finalists to you for selection.  Our goal will always be to present for your selection three qualified candidates with diverse backgrounds and experience that can work effectively in your company’s unique cultural environment.