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40 Years of Mutual Success

Our story

We are a 40-year-old company that has maintained long-term relationships with clients by serving them well.  We have clients that have used our services for over 25 years.  Why? We deliver results. The Herring Group finds leaders and saves them money.  We’ll solve the problems that face your leadership team.  The only way a small firm lasts for 40 years in this space is by providing exceptional value and results.  Our methodology is simple.  We listen and communicate exceptionally well.  We use modern tools to provide old-time solutions.  We listen to you to determine and understand your requirements, we do our homework, carefully review candidates, and present outstanding finalists to you for selection.

Our Logo

There is a large pool of fish.

Sometimes our clients face the challenge of finding the one in a million.

This is the problem.  The Herring Group wants to be the solution.

“One fish in the pool is different”.

Our goal will always be to find and present three or more qualified candidates with diverse backgrounds and experience who can work effectively in your company’s unique culture.

Your team and success are #1 with us, we want to find the one candidate who will enhance your team and help your company grow.

Some historians believe that the fish was a symbol of Jesus even before his death. The language of the early Church was Greek, ICHTHYS, is the Greek word for fish.

Fish played an important role in Jesus’s ministry.  From the miracle of feeding the multitudes; to his miracle calling Peter to ministry.

The Herring Group believes that Jesus is the Son of God, and we give all glory and thanks to him.